Aviator Breathing Oxygen (ABO) & Air Analysis
Airborne Labs International can test your Aviator Breathing Oxygen (ABO) quality and Air Analysis quality.


Aviator Breathing Oxygen Testing Programs

Periodic monitoring of Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen (ABO) as described in Mil-PRF-27201J Type I (cylinder stored) or II (bulk O2 transport vessel contained) grade oxygen is a recommended quality assurance check for all commercial airline operations. ALI offers two ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited ABO test programs to its customers that meet either Type I or Type II testing requirements.
ALI can either provide on a rental or purchase basis O2 service-cleaned sampling cylinders or accept customer-supplied DOT-rated cylinders. We also offer on a rental or purchase basis approved O2 cylinder shipping cases for proper air transport of ABO samples to & from our laboratory.
Internal cylinder inspection studies can also be performed whenever cylinder contamination by foreign solids / particulates is suspected. Certified, periodic re-hydrotesting & O2 service cleaning services of customer cylinders is also offered whenever needed.

Air Analysis Testing Programs

Air is used for many important functions. Typical air sources include:
  • Natural Outdoor Air
  • Indoor air (industrial, commercial, medical, residential, laboratory, aircraft cabin)
  • Synthetic (blended) air
  • Compressor supplied air
  • SCBA / SCUBA contained air, etc.
Each air source has a unique set of impurities that must be controlled for trouble-free use in a specific application.
The quality (grade) of air needed for a given application is often defined by professional agencies (for example CGA, USP/NF, NFPA, NIOSH, Mil-Spec, OSHA, EPA or equipment vendors). In some cases, users must select an appropriate purity grade depending on their specific needs.
Most customers are not “Haz-Mat” qualified to ship compressed air samples to our lab for testing. To eliminate this problem, ALI has developed a number of “No-Haz” air sampling kits that allow you to take a non-compressed air sample in our gas sampling bags, minicyls, sorbent-tubes or filter cartridges and properly ship them to us as “non-hazardous goods of no commercial value”.
 ALI also has some easy-to-use on-site test equipment for rapid determination of air quality using simple, accurate detector tubes.

Aviator Breathing Oxygen Product Brief

Breathing Air Analytical Reports Offered: