Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Analysis Programs

Airborne Labs International works extensively with Final Product CO2 Analysis Programs and Feed Gas CO2 Analysis Programs

Final Product CO2 Program

Many CO2 producers find it very economical to periodically confirm the quality of their CO2 plant production using ALI. Our unique No-Hazmat (No-Haz) Sampling Kits and accessories allow you to properly obtain a representative Final Product sample and easily ship it to our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited laboratory for rapid analysis, report generation and data interpretation assistance. On-site sampling services by our professional field staff are also available if desired.

Beverage manufacturers often refer their CO2 suppliers to use our services in order to verify the quality of CO2 product that they receive from them.

Additional applications of performing Final Product CO2 testing include:

  • Beverage producers desiring to approve new CO2 suppliers and ensure they can consistently deliver the desired CO2 purity grade
  • Customer complaint investigations involving reports of foreign odor or taste in either a received load of CO2 packaged beverage, fountain product or in dry ice-based food preservation applications
  • Periodic storage and transport vessel condition checks to monitor for build-up of non-volatile or other impurities within these storage tanks
  • Minibulk tank (MBT) clean-out validation to ensure that new or repaired MBT’s are free of all interior impurities before next use
  • Restaurant Food Safety - Quality CO2 Guideline Initiatives for periodic verification of ISBT beverage-grade deliveries to their facilities

ALI supplies a range of CO2 sampling & shipping kits (including liquid CO2 sample cylinders and convenient No-Haz Sampling KitsTM) to meet all customer applications. We employ validated test methods to perform all needed tests and promptly produce a clear, final report that is appropriate for the purity grade of product. We offer pictorial sampling instructions, sampling videos, technical guidance and recommendations concerning the interpretation of all test data.

We pride ourselves in our rapid-response and ability to provide valuable, accurate test data to resolve product quality upsets and quickly resume plant production.

Final Product - Product Briefs & Supporting Documents

Standard & Advanced CO2 Feed Gas Programs

From a beverage manufacturer’s view, accurate, highly detailed Feed Gas impurity data is essential in evaluating the potential quality risks of purchasing CO2 from either a traditional or new “uncharted” source. This Feed Gas data identifies the key impurities that should be routinely monitored in the Final CO2 Product.

Beverage manufacturers mandate periodic Feed Gas monitoring from their CO2 suppliers and define required analytical programs based upon the impurity profile.

ISBT “Bulk CO2 Quality Guidelines – 2010” recommends a minimum of one Feed Gas test per year and also defines acceptable impurity limits for final, beverage-grade CO2 product.

ALI provides our customers with expert technical advice and all instructions needed for proper Feed Gas sampling including recommended state-of-the-art sampling equipment and optimal test program selection (ex. “Standard” or “Advanced” program options).

Our unique Non-Hazmat (No-Haz) Sampling Kits and accessories allow you to properly obtain a representative Feed Gas sample and easily ship it to our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited, major bottler approved laboratory for rapid analysis, report generation and data interpretation assistance. On-site sampling services by our professional field staff is also available if desired.

Feed Gas - Product Briefs & Supporting Documents

CO2 Analytical Reports Offered:

ALI CO2 Sampling Training Videos:



Multilayer Bag (MLB) Sampling

1L Cylinder CO2

5.9L Cylinder LCO2


I.A.T.A. Definition & FedEx Assurance:

The I.A.T.A. letter concerns shipment of non-compressed Division 2.2 (non-flammable, non-toxic) gas samples in limited quantities to our laboratory for quality control testing.  This letter is assured by recognized experts at the International Compliance Center Ltd. and courier HAZMAT specialists that Division 2.2 gas samples that are taken according to supplied directions and shipping in our No-Haz Sampling & Shipping Kits can be properly labeled and shipped as a "non-hazardous commodity sample of no commercial value."