Customer R&D Project Support
Airborne Labs International can support you with your company's research and development (R&D) projects.
ALI can assist you in performing your company’s unique research and development projects, as well as any other specific on-site sampling & testing services your company may need regarding R&D projects.
This R&D service can include, for example:
  • Development of special therapeutic medical gases / delivery systems
  • New analytical method development
  • Analytical method improvements
  • New analyzer validation / interference studies
  • Gas standard stability
  • Gas generator purity
  • Tubing / materials compatibility with gases
  • Residue analysis
  • Odor investigations
  • Product failure & packaging contamination
  • Container outgassing / gas permeability, etc.
  • Fermentation profiling
  • Biogas profiling
  • Gas contamination investigations