NFPA-99 Gas Distribution System Validation
Airborne Labs International can assist you with your NFPA-99 Gas Distribution System Validation.
Ensuring the purity and integrity of gas distribution and vacuum systems is an important responsibility for many customers, especially:
  • Hospitals
  • Health Care Offices
  • Medical Centers
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Governmental Labs
  • Industrial Research & QC Labs
Our staff is experienced in performing NFPA-99 certification testing on new or equipped gas distribution and vacuum systems. We provide on-site sampling, testing, sampling equipment and consulting services. Our testing services cover the following aspects of this specification:
Installer Performance Testing:
  • Piping Blow Down Test
  • Initial Pressure Test 
  • Cross-Connection Tests
  • Piping Purge Tests
  • Standing Pressure Tests
System Verification Testing:
  • Cross Connection Tests
  • Valve Tests
  • Outlet Flow Tests
  • Alarm Tests
  • Piping Purge Tests
  • Piping Purity Tests
  • Final Tie-in Tests
  • Operational Pressure Tests
  • Medical Gas Concentration Tests
  • Medical Air Purity Tests
  • Labeling
Piped Vacuum Systems:
  • Minimum Vacuum & Operating Range Tests 
  • Minimum Flow & Pressure Tests
  • Installer Performance Testing (Blow Down, Initial Pressure, Initial Cross Connection, Standing Pressure)
  • System Verification Tests (Final Cross Connection, Vacuum, Valve, Alarm Source Equipment)

NFPA-99 Analytical Reports Offered & Supporting Documents: