Specialized Gases
Airborne Labs International can assist you with your Specialized Gases testing, including Fuel Grade Hydrogen, (H2), Fuel Gases (Natural gas, propane, butane), Refrigerants, and High Purity Cabon Monoxide.

Fuel Gases (ex. Natural gas, propane, butane)

The composition of fuel gases including critical “odorant” levels can be finely detailed using ALI’s high resolution and sensitive instrumental methods. Precise composition data can be used, for example, to obtain very accurate BTU data on a given fuel.  This information is needed to determine the efficiency of gas turbines generating electrical power or, to check your fuel’s actual BTU content to supplier's claims, evaluate the quality of a supplier’s fuels, ensure compliance to regulatory testing criteria or to prevent costly mechanical problems caused by fuel contamination.
ALI has the highly specialized experience and technical resources required to test gaseous fuels according to ASTM, SAE, Mil-Spec, FTM, ISO or OEM specifications.


Refrigerant analysis is important for determining their identity, evaluating purity, selling price, and troubleshooting problems associated with refrigeration systems. Manufacturers, distributors, buyers, shippers, industrial users and refrigeration repair services can benefit from a well-designed refrigerant testing program.
ALI has the experience and technical resources needed to test your refrigerants according to: ARI, JSA, ASTM, Mil-Spec, or OEM specifications.

High Purity Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Pure CO is used as a starting material in the synthesis of many complex chemicals and electronic applications. Toxic metallic carbonyls at trace levels can create many problems in these processes. ALI has the capability to detect trace levels of these undesired impurities.

Specialized Analytical Reports Offered: