CO2 Purity & Sensory Testing Equipment
Our CO2 Purity Kit (Zahm-Nagel) measures the percent purity of CO2 by caustic absorption of a fixed volume of gas (ex. ISBT Method 2.0). This is done by a precise volume measurement of total "caustic insoluble" gas impurities trapped as a 'bubble' within a percent purity scaled burette.
CO2 sensory kits include all specified glassware needed to properly perform the ISBT recommended tests for appearance, odor, or taste. Various accessories are required and offered for the safe delivery of sample gas to this glassware-based kit.
We provide a simple Analyzer Site Survey, as well as informative Getting Started, and Getting the Facts documents to a perspective customer. Once we have their application information, a recommended strategy is generated to meet their specific quality program needs – and budget.

Purity Kits & Support Documents: