Gas Sampling Equipment & Accessories

Representative sample collection and preparation are essential to all lab based tests & on-site analyzer systems. ALI offers a wide range of gas sampling products for many customer applications. Some sampling equipment can be rented for special projects or periodic use. Our product line also includes highly specialized, passivated equipment needed for challenging testing such as trace sulfur analysis and the accurate determination of many difficult, chemically reactive impurities.

To satisfy universal “proper” gas sampling and shipping requirements, ALI offers the following equipment & accessory products for purchase & some for rental. We also provide you with expert advise on the design of an optimal gas sampling system for your specific needs.

Gas Sampling Products & Accessories

  • Liquefied Cryogenic Gas Sampliers
  • Passivated, Stainless Steel, or Aluminum Sampling Cylinders
  • Purge Valve Assemblies
  • Cylinder Supports
  • Passivated or Stainless Steel Connective Hardware
  • Passivated or Stainless Steel Transfer Lines
  • Passivated or Stainless Steel Pressure & Flow Controllers
  • Passivated or Stainless Steel Flash Vaporizers
  • Snow-Making Equipment & Snow Containers
  • Certified Multi-Layer Barrier (MLB) Sampling Bags
  • Certified Tedlar® Sampling Bags
  • Inert Sampling Pumps & H2O Knock-Out Traps
  • Sorbant Tube & Particulate Sampling Cartridges & Assemblies
  • PTFE Impinger Assemblies
  • Bioagent Trapping Assemblies
  • Passive Air Sampling Equipment (Ex. Summa Cannisters)

We provide a range of convenient gas sampling kits. Besides high pressure sampling container kits, many of our novel kits are specifically designed for “non-hazmat” sampling & shipping of samples to our laboratory for analysis. Examples of gases that can be sampled & shipped using our No-Haz kits include; carbon dioxide, air, SF6, nitrogen, argon, oxygen, helium, xenon, krypton, neon, refrigerants & many gas mixtures.

Besides lower shipping costs, handling convenience and added samping safety, our popular No-Haz kits do not require the customer to have “Hazmat-Certified” staff in order to legally, properly ship their gas samples. This is an important advantage for many customers with UN 2.2 Class (nonflammable, non-toxic) gases testing needs. This advantage also allows for rapid and easy international gas sample shipments as well.

Contact us for a quote if you wish to rent, purchase, or have any additional questions regarding sampling equipment.