CO2 Sampling Equipment & Supplies
Our product offerings include options for either rental or purchase of No-Haz CO2 Sampling Kits, High Pressure Sample Cylinders, Sample Bags, and associated accessories. These special kits are designed for safe & proper on-site sampling and rapid CO2 sample shipments to ALI for independent, certified laboratory analysis.
Our popular No-Haz CO2 Sampling Kits are unique and easy to use. A key advantage is that our No-Haz CO2 Sampling Kits do not require a hazmat-trained staff member for shipping which greatly simplifies and economizes the proper transport of UN 2.2 Class (nonflammable, nontoxic) gases as “non-hazardous” goods.  
Our CO2 Sampling Kits are used at a major bottlers Centers of Excellence Labs around the world!

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