Learn more about the leadership of Airborne Labs Internationa, including our founder and President, Dr. Don Pachuta, our Analytical Systems & Products Director Mark Taylor, our Laboratory Director Nicole James, our Technical Sales Manager David Skinner, our Laboratory Manager Asif Rahman, and our Quality Assurance Manager Alina Fidziukiewicz.
Dr. Don Pachuta founded Airborne Labs International, Inc. in 2000 and has grown the company to be a world-recognized, independent commercial laboratory, that is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited and approved by major international bottlers.
Dr. Pachuta is an industry recognized leader with over 30 years of experience in gas analysis (CO2, air, fuel, medical, specialty, high purity gas applications) and developed many of the methods used for CO2 sampling and testing. He was also part of the discussions of ISBT’s Quality Guidelines for Bulk CO2 (2001 & 2010), CO2 Fountain Quality Guidelines (2010) and Beverage Grade N2 Guidelines (2015).
Additionally, Dr. Pachuta is a proven expert in several fields, presenting and contributing to numerous papers for:
As an innovative leader in analytical chemistry, Dr. Pachuta developed the first benzene analyzer for beverage-grade gas applications as well as novel Total Sulfur Content (TSC) Analyzers, Soft Ionization Spectrometers (SIS) and other advanced instruments for gas and synthetic aerospace lubricant analysis.
He has also developed several "manifold-friendly" gas detector tubes, ultra-clean sampling equipment for gas testing, non-hazmat gas sampling & shipping, Fountain mini-bulk tank sampling kits, and no-emission, non-hazmat SF6 sampling systems.
Mark TaylorVice President of Analytical Systems & Products, Mark Taylor
Mark R. Taylor (BS in Biology) has over 18 years of experience in designing multi-valved Gas Chromatographic analysis systems for CO2, Natural Gas Analysis and Refinery Gas Analysis applications. He has presented several papers at PittCon, Gulf Coast conferences, International Society of Beverage Technologists and has authored LCGC magazine publications. Mark also teaches several of our customer training courses and develops customer training videos.
Nicole JamesVice President of Laboratory Services, Nicole James
Nicole James (BS in Chemistry) is a highly experienced chemist who has participated in many R&D projects which have resulted in several publications and papers. As a research chemist, she has developed several novel analytical methods involving soft-ionization spectrometry (SIS), Total Sulfur Content (TSC) analyzers, Biogas testing, along with designing many specialized ALI products such as our True BlueTM polybags, specialty detector tubes and gas manifold analyzers. Nicole is also an expert in CO2 as well as specialty gas testing. She is also certified to perform international analyzer system installations and customer training.  She also holds leadership positions on the Beverage Gases Technical Committee including 1st Vice Chair of the ISBT N2 Guidelines Subcommittee group.
Alex Clark
Regulatory Compliance Manager, Alex E. Clark
BS. Chemistry, College of New Jersey.  Alex is a highly experienced analytical chemist who is highly knowledgeable in CO2, SF6, ASU, ABO,  H2, Air, High Purity Gases, Gaseous Fuel Testing as well as other lab service areas.  Alex is also responsible for maintaining and managing all of our quality assurance and regulatory requirements.