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The Xcela-350TM series includes rugged, reliable analyzer modules that are completely Silconert® passivated and meet all ISBT guidelines for sampling & testing beverage grade Carbon Dioxide (CO2).  This system offers continuous measurement of Total Sulfur Content (TSC), Aromatic Hydrocarbon (Benzene), Acetaldehyde (AA), Methanol (MeOH), Total Hydrocarbon Content (THC) & Water Vapor (H2O).  The Xcela-350TM also offers automated 5-10 line sampling, 24 channel data display/logging, quality excursion alarms, & Certificate of Analysis (CoA) report generation.  Unlike other systems, the Xcela series stands out by including a multi-channel detector tube analyzer for instant back-up of all critical impurity monitoring units. This modular, fail safe capability means your plant will never “go dark” or production need to be stopped if a continuous analyzer goes out-of-service.