Gas Analyzer Systems
Since 2000, Airborne Labs International has sold & serviced over 400+ Analyzers around the world. 
ALI provides individual gas purity analyzers and turn-key systems ranging from a variety of small, simple low cost units to powerful, highly automated multi-component analyzer systems, data stations and secure, climate controlled instrument sheds.
All companies requiring on-site monitoring of CO2 quality face the same set of start-up questions:
  • What harmful impurities should we be monitoring and how do these impurities impact our product’s quality and brand name?
  • Where and when should we sample our CO2?
  • Who will be performing the tests or should we automate this process?
  • Which units should I purchase, and how much will this cost?
  • How do I find a local supplier for service, support gases and calibration standards?
We provide a simple Analyzer Site Survey, as well as informative Getting Started, and Getting the Facts documents to a perspective customer. Once we have their application information, a recommended strategy is generated to meet their specific quality program needs – and budget.
Our systems typically integrate ALI designed analyzers and gas controllers with specific analyzers offered by leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (of which ALI is an authorized distributor).
This OEM Distributor list includes:
  • Baseline-Mocon
  • Teledyne
  • Advanced Instruments
  • GE Sensing
  • California Instruments
  • V&F


Our analyzer systems are shipped fully assembled, passivated-plumbed, rack mounted, quality-control tested, and professionally crated for safe, secure shipment to anywhere in the world.
ALI analyzers require few support gases (ex. Hydrogen & Zero-Grade Air). Compact, economical gas support generators are available which eliminate the need for sourcing local cylinder gas suppliers or handling support gas cylinders.
For gas analyzers requiring calibration, ALI provides calibration gases in many sizes including small, long lasting, disposable/recyclable cylinders that are convenient and economical to use.
A key advantage of our Detector Tube-based Analyzers (ex. GAS-1 or GAS-5 series) is that they do not require calibration gases!
Wherever you are in the world we can be reached directly or via our worldwide network of distributors / service agents to provide expert advice, technical support, training aids, spare parts, supplies, repairs, maintenance, quotations and purchases.