On-Site Sampling Services
Airborne Labs International offers on-site sampling services to fit your testing needs.
ALI routinely performs on-site sampling & sample pick-up services for many types of customer applications including, for example:
  • ASU inlet air monitoring / mole-sieve bed output gas
  • Landfill gas vents for sulfur emission compliance
  • Storage tank / rail car / tank truck gas quality
  • Chemical process vent gas composition
  • Special vessel sampling
  • Indoor air quality
  • Odor complaints
  • Cogen plant natural gas for total sulfur / nitrogen content or fuel oils (ex. diesel, No. 2, No. 6) for total sulfur or benzene content
  • Chemical plants / welding operators for special gas composition verification
  • Independent lab “referee” investigations of vendor - customer complaint gas samples
  • Power plant operators for SF6 contamination or failure investigations, etc.
ALI supplies all needed sampling equipment and training.  Our field chemists are Hazmat certified for proper return shipment, so that any hazardous samples can be sent back to our lab for a comprehensive analysis.