Certified Calibration Gas Standards
Stable, certified (in most cases NIST-traceable) gas standards in convenient mixture combinations (to reduce costs and improve supply logistics) and cylinder sizes (in convenient recyclable or disposable containers) are offered for Gas Analyzer Systems.  For those applications requiring large, passivated cylinders, an economical cylinder purchase & refill program is available.
Just as important as providing high quality gas standards, ALI also provides the optimal delivery system hardware (ex. rugged, passivated pressure regulators, valves, transfer tubing) and assemblies that maintain the integrity of the gas standard up to the critical point-of-use within your analyzer.
Alternate, novel gas standard TruCal™ delivery systems which “bridge-the-gap” between permeation tube and traditional high pressure cylinder packages are also available. These unique, cal gas delivery systems allow for rapid non-hazmat shipment of fresh, certified gas standards to customers all over the world. Analyzer calibration and economic, periodic “round-robin” quality assurance studies can also be performed economically with these new TruCal™ standard delivery products.

Gas Standards Supporting Documents: