Our Worldwide Presence
Airborne Labs International works with many international customers.
Airborne Labs International, Inc. (ALI) is a world-recognized, independent, commercial laboratory that is ISO/IEC 17025:2005 Accredited and approved by major international bottlers.
Together with our strategic worldwide alliances, we work around-the-clock to produce solutions for our client’s problems. We'd love to hear from you - please help us serve you better by filling out and submitting this Customer Satisfaction Survey. 
ALI’s growing affiliate network currently includes sales and service agents in:
  • USA 
  • Israel 
  • France
  • Africa (South & West)
  • Philippines          
  • India
  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Pakistan
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • Central America
  • Colombia 
  • Mexico
  • South America
"Our company, Central Bottling Company, had a big crisis in Nov. 2009 due to presence of Carbonyl Sulphide (COS) in incoming CO2. After consulting with many suppliers, we decided to work with Airborne Labs, who supplied us with a complex rack Analyzer system. ALI installed the unit and extensively trained our staff. The Analyzers we received are very robust and easy to calibrate and it is possible to perform a full parameter analysis according to Coca-Cola standards in less than an hour, including the sampling of liquid CO2.When we buy again another system, we wouldn't hesitate to go again for Airborne Labs."
- James Farberoff, Process Quality Manager, Central Bottling Company - ISRAEL
"Even though Airborne Labs sits far away from us, we continue to receive assistance, especially in times of need, not only including direct recommendations from their President (Dr. Don Pachuta), but also including many free tests that they performed for us.  The Analyzers we received are very robust and easy to calibrate and it is possible to perform a full parameter analysis according to ISBT and all our customers quality requirements in less than an hour, including the sampling of liquid CO2.  The system also monitors On-Line the vaporized CO2 going into production.  If we were to buy again another system, we would not hesitate to buy the equipment from Airborne Labs."
- Aftab Jivanjee, Carbacid (CO2) Limited - KENYA
"Dr. Pachuta is one of the most wonderful people I have worked with. His knowledge of testing requirements and related issues is almost unparalleled. This is reflected in the entire team at Airborne Labs. We are delighted with our association with Airborne Labs."
- Gautam Rajan, Marsap - INDIA
"We love working with the professional and expert team at Airborne Labs International.ALI is our go-to partner for all analyzers needed in Pakistan and beyond. They have excellent customer support, which is a standout feature from their competitors. Our customers are 100% satisfied with their products.We highly recommend working with the ALI team!"
- Wakeel A. Siddiqui, CEO of Sage-Tech International - PAKISTAN
"We have been working with Airborne Labs for over five years. They are a trustworthy partner with amazing customer service. ALI provides CO2 sampling kits to all Coca-Cola quality centers and provides world-wide Coca-Cola approved, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accredited third party Feed Gas and Final Product Laboratory Testing Services. We are a committed partner and recommend their services to those in the industry."
- Joy Su, Beijing Yatongbowen Science & Technology Company - CHINA
"For the past 11 years of existence of our company, we have chosen to work with Airborne Labs for everything from top rate analytical services, to equipment specification, spare parts, calibration gases, and detector tubes. We are always impressed by their technical support and training by their professional staff.  They are very helpful and go out of their way to support our needs through the solution process.  Without a doubt whatsoever, we highly recommend Airborne Labs International for their excellent analytical services and equipment."
- Ricardo Garcia, Operations Director, CO2 Liquid - MEXICO